Terms and Conditions

The safety and health of our guests and employees is our top priority. Our cosy trainbar is reception, livingroom, lounge and breakfastroom at the same time. That’s why we ask you not to come to us when you have symptoms of Covid. Thank you for your understanding.

Requirements for all guests:
A valid ID is required for all guests at check in. It is not possible to stay at Train Lodge without a valid, government issued identification.
No pets/animals are permitted on the premises. Strictly no sleeping bags are permitted in the rooms.

Non refundable bookings will be paid in advance. All other payments are due on arrival. Guests cannot enter the rooms until the full amount due is paid. After Check in the payment is non-refundable. (Prices do not include the city tax. Please note that tourist tax needs to be paid on the top of the balance on arrival.)
We accept Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard. A pre-authorization can be done on the card. Train Lodge may at any time cancel the Booking if the payment details provided by the guest are invalid and the guest fails to provide alternative valid details.

Group payment terms:

  • A first instalment of 25% of the full booking value must be paid to confirm the reservation.
  • The remaining will need to be paid at least 4 weeks before the group arrival date.

Maximum reservation size is 9 persons. Combination bookings (multiple compartment bookings for more than 9 people,) that attempt to circumvent this rule may result in the cancellation of the bookings on arrival.
For bookings larger than 9, please contact us at info@trainlodge.com. For additional group information, see “Groups Bookings” below.
All Reservations (by telephone, email, online or otherwise) require a valid credit card number, email address and nationality at the time of booking. Online booking sites may require additional information.

Age Restrictions
Bookings cannot be accepted from any person under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult (18 or over). Guests who wish to bring their children under 16 years of age must book a private compartment.

Cancellations and changes to bookings can be made up to 48 hours prior to arrival date at the hotel without penalty. Please take into consideration that the arrival date starts at midnight (00:00) Amsterdam time.
Note: If a cancellation is made after check in or during the stay,  you will still be charged for the upcoming two nights, and the rest of the booking will be cancelled.
Cancellations can be made through the booking channel you have used or by email to info@trainlodge.com from the address used at the time of booking. We do not accept cancellations by telephone.
All email cancellations will receive a cancellation confirmation reply from Train Lodge. This confirmation form will serve as proof of cancellation in case of dispute.
Combination bookings (multiple compartment bookings for more than 9 people) that attempt to circumvent the maximum reservation size will result in the cancellation of the bookings. If a combination booking is cancelled on arrival, you will still be subject to the late cancellation procedure below.
Non Refundable bookings cannot be cancelled or modified. As the name says a refund is not possible.

Late Cancellations/ No-Show:
Cancellations made later than 48 hours prior to arrivaldate or failure to arrive for a confirmed booking will result in charging the full amount of the first night of your booking.

Group Bookings and cancellations:
Train Lodge is a perfect place to book groups. All bookings larger than 9 persons are considered group bookings. Bookings for more than 9 people that are not confirmed by us with email risk being cancelled without notification (see cancellation policy above). Cancellation procedures for group bookings deviate from standard bookings as follows: 4 weeks prior to arrival date and only per email to info@trainlodge.com. Your reservation is canceled after you have received our confirmation email. In case of cancellation group booking after 4 weeks prior to arrivaldate of in case of a “no show” no refund is possible.

Train Lodge is strictly non smoking. Smoking is permitted only outside.

Right of Refusal and Removal:
Train Lodge reserves the right to refuse a guest or even a group if, on arrival (and even after check in), management reasonably considers that the guest is under the influence of alcohol or hard-drugs, is unsuitably dressed, is behaving in a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner or fails to follow our house rules.

Guests shall behave with respect towards other guests and hostel staff and shall be held responsible for their own actions within the hostel, during their stay on the premises, and outside of the hostel. The owners of the hostel and their employees shall be absolved of any responsibility and costs in connection with the actions of its guests.
If you cause a disturbance, annoy other guests or staff or behave in an unacceptable manner you will be removed from the hotel immediately, without refund.

Damage to Train Lodge Property
Guests will be expected to reimburse Train Lodge for any damage caused by inappropriate or incautious behaviour during their stay, including interfering with fire alarm or smoking inside Train Lodge.

Personal Property
Train Lodge accept no liability for the loss, theft or damage to guests’ property, however sustained or caused. We strongly recommend guests bring a padlock to use on luggage.

Additional Information:
Check-in is guaranteed by 1500. We always try to check our guests in as early as possible.
Check-out is no later than 1100.
No curfew, no lock-out